We want to sing together!!

Lyrics to the melody of “Hey Jude” by the Beatles:

Hey ICCA don`t let us down
Take this system and make it better
Remember emissions need to go down
And you could start to make it better

Hey ICCA don’t be afraid
You were made to act now and do it
The minute you change the system´s spin
Then you begin to make it better

Luxury here, suffering there, Hey ICCA, please dare
We´re waiting for someone to perform with
You´re just not brave enough to take the action we need
The fate of our earth is on your shoulders

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

Hey ICCA don`t screw it up
Change the system act now and do it
Remember you have the power to change
And you should use it to make it better

better, better, better….. yeeah

Nah nah nah nananananaaah nananananaaah