Support us financially!

We have many spendings that need to be covered such as printing flyers and posters or renting a truck with an audiosystem for the rally. Everey Euro counts!

If you want to donate, please transfer the money with the subject “Spende Kliamdemo” to the following account:

BUND Regionalverband Rhein-Neckar-Odenwald
IBAN: DE34 6729 0100 0065 1261 09
Bank: Volksbank Kurpfalz H+G Bank

You want to participate? That’s great!

Help us that more people hear about the rally and climate justice in general! Spread the message, tell your friends about the topic, invite them to join the rally and share our contents!

There are also many tasks before and during the rally that we need support for, for example:


Making banners, hanging up posters and distributing flyers etc.


During the rally we urgently need more people serving as stewards! This is fundamental for the rally to be allowed to take place. You can find more information on what your tasks are as a steward and which requirements you need to fulfil here.

Additionally it would be great if some people could hand out information flyers during the rally.


Just send us an e-mail in which you let us know how much time you can spare to support us and if you have any preferences on the type of task. We will then get back to you and let you know where we need your support.